Potato seeding

Potatoes are relatively easy to grow and can be seeded in your garden. Here are the steps to seed potatoes:

  1. Choose the right seed potatoes: Seed potatoes are not the same as the potatoes you buy at the grocery store. Choose certified disease-free seed potatoes from a reputable supplier.
  2. Prepare the soil: Potatoes grow best in loose, well-draining soil. Amend the soil with compost or other organic matter to enrich it and improve drainage.
  3. Cut the seed potatoes: Cut the seed potatoes into pieces, making sure each piece has at least one “eye” or bud. Allow the cut pieces to dry for a day or two before planting.
  4. Plant the seed potatoes: Plant the seed potatoes in trenches or holes about 4 inches deep and 12 inches apart. Place the seed potato piece with the eye facing up in the soil.
  5. Cover the seed potatoes: Cover the seed potatoes with soil and lightly water.
  6. Hill the potatoes: As the potato plants grow, hill soil up around the stems to keep the developing potatoes covered. This helps to prevent greening and protects the potatoes from sun damage.
  7. Water and fertilize: Water the potatoes regularly, making sure the soil stays moist but not waterlogged. Fertilize with a balanced fertilizer every few weeks.
  8. Harvest: Harvest the potatoes when the plants begin to die back and the leaves turn yellow. Use a garden fork or shovel to gently dig up the potatoes. Be careful not to damage the potatoes during the harvest process.

By following these steps, you can successfully seed and grow potatoes in your garden.

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