Removal of strawberry shoots

Strawberry plants produce runners or “shoots” as a means of asexual reproduction. These runners are new plantlets that develop from the parent plant and can eventually become independent strawberry plants. While these runners can be useful for propagating and expanding your strawberry patch, they can also lead to overcrowding and reduced fruit production if not managed properly. Here’s how to remove strawberry shoots:

1. Wait for Root Establishment:

  • Allow the strawberry runner to develop roots at the nodes (the points where the leaves meet the stem). The runner will naturally send out roots when it is ready to establish itself as a new plant.

2. Identify Healthy Runners:

  • Choose the healthiest and most vigorous runners for propagation. Look for runners with well-developed leaves and roots.

3. Prepare the New Planting Site:

  • Before removing the runner from the parent plant, prepare a new planting spot for it. This could be a new garden bed or a container with well-draining soil.

4. Selective Pruning:

  • Carefully snip off the unwanted runners that you don’t want to propagate. Use clean and sharp pruning shears or scissors to avoid damaging the parent plant.

5. Transplanting the Runner:

  • Once the runner has developed roots, gently dig up the new plantlet. Be careful not to damage the roots.
  • Plant the new plantlet in the prepared spot, ensuring that the roots are well-covered with soil, and water it thoroughly.

6. Continue Care:

  • Water the new plantlet regularly to help it establish itself in its new location. Keep the soil consistently moist during the early stages of growth.

7. Remove Excess Runners:

  • To prevent overcrowding, consider removing some of the excess runners even if you’re not transplanting them. This will give the remaining plants more space to grow and produce fruits.

8. Monitor Growth:

  • Monitor the growth of your strawberry plants and the new transplants. Once the transplants are well-established, they will continue to grow and produce runners of their own.

By selectively removing and transplanting strawberry shoots, you can maintain a healthy and productive strawberry patch. Managing the number of runners will help ensure that your plants have sufficient space and resources to produce a plentiful crop of delicious strawberries.

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